1. Why opening a boutique casa® OUTLET shop?

Because our shops – both direct and franchise – are the only ones that can offer simultaneously:

To the final customer:

  • an emotional and captivating environment;
  • ever changing and new products, with high quality;
  • OUTLET prices, unbeatable and irresistible.

To the franchisee:

  • Estimated yearly turnover: 2000 – 5000 euro/sq.m.;
  • Support by a partner with a 30 years old experience;
  • Continuous training and assistance;
  • Seasonal collections, always updated to new trends;
  • Just in time supplies;
  • No royalty, no entry fee, guaranteed and fixed operational margins.
  • Buyback of unsold products at the end of each season.

2. How to open a boutique casa® OUTLET shop?

Location and dimension of stores:

  • Stores in shopping malls: minimum of 100 sq.m.
  • Stores in city-centers (with at least 40,000 residents): minimum of 60 sq.m.

Against and initial investment: 300 euro/sq.m. (excluding goods), we offer:

  • support during the search for the right location and the bargaining of the cheapest rent;
  • drafting of a business plan based on real economic data, in order to guarantee a safe investment;
  • analysis of the retail area, design of the shop’s layout;
  • supply of exhibition equipment;
  • training about products, their marketing and visual merchandising;
  • supply of promotional materials;
  • direct assistance before and after the opening;
  • sales tracking and recurring visits.

3. More info:

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